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Web Marketing Plans
Custom Web Marketing Plan
Custom Web Marketing Plan
The Custom Web Marketing Plan is the most aggressive marketing plan that we offer because you put the limit on the amount of optimization. This plan is recommended for companies with very large amounts of competition.
We're firm believers in manual search engine submission. We've found that, compared to submission software, manual submission has provided the best results for our clients.

Monthly Maintenance: Throughout the month we will analyze the traffic statistics and search rankings of your web site. We will spend up to 6 hours each month making any neccessary "tweaks" to your web site's code, META tags, and content to ensure top placement.

Included Services:
Web Site Hosting
Online Traffic Statistics
Market research and keyword analysis
Optimization of those pages' content, HTML, and META tags
Relevant, keyword based titles inserted into each page
Relevant, keyword based description inserted into each page
1/2 hour consultation
Submission to major search engines

Setup Hourly Rate: $85.00
Monthly maintenance cost determined by number of pages in campaign

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for super fast results
To implement a well rounded and cost effective search engine marketing campaign, we recommend that you combine natural search engine optimization with paid listings (known as Pay-Per-Click). Natural search engine optimization is the foundation of a successful campaign; but, it can take some time for natural results to rise to the top. If you're interested in immediate results, we highly recommend Pay-Per-Click while your natural search engine optimization campaign takes hold.

Two of the most popular Pay-Per-Click programs on the Internet are offered by Overture and Google. Prices for keywords can range from five cents to several dollars every time someone clicks on your listing. There are many advantages to enrolling in these types of programs.

The first advantage is the immediate results for highly competitive keywords. Overture and Google both have impressive partner networks, and these networks are another advantage. Overture's top three results appear as sponsored links on Yahoo!, MSN, Lycos, and Infospace. Google's top three listings appear as sponsored links in Google, on AOL, and also on Earthlink.

Overture requires that you setup an account of $50 to $200. Each click is then deducted from your account. Don't worry, when you run out of money, Overture won't keep adding to your total payment. You simply lose your rank within the pay per click section. All you have to do to get your ranking back is put more money in your account. It's as simple as that.

Google's system is highly automated and is designed to save you money. You set your maximum Cost-Per-Click (CPC) that you are willing to pay, and Google monitors your account and your rankings to ensure that you never go above your maximum CPC. Google also checks your maximum CPC and will adjust your rank by increasing your listing 1 cent over your competition.

We specialize in search engine optimization and positioning, and will enroll your web site in these programs, target your most competitive keywords, and monitor your rankings.

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